Thursday, July 10, 2008

Party Planning for a Vegas-Themed Birthday Pawty

It's almost that time again... MAX'S BIRTHDAY! Which means, let the party planning begin. Max loves to throw fun birthday parties which include playtime and great treats and gift bags for the puppies, and food and fun for the humans as well.

In the past, we have had luau and cowboys & indians pawties. This year, we're going Vegas, baby! Casino Royale!

This year Max is turning 3 in doggie years, which means 21 in human years. So we have decided to go with a Vegas theme for our little high roller!

Does anyone have ideas as to what goes into a Vegas-themed paw-ty? We are planning a Vegas-inspired buffet dinner and Paw-tinis for the humans.

We will definitely make pupcakes for the puppies. Can you think of any decorations, food, or other goodies that are a must???

Max, getting ready for his 2nd Buckaroo Birthday Bash!

What should he wear to his Casino Royale night out on the town???