Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Max is Back!

Max is back to his chipper little self... and back to work! Here are a couple photos of Max at work.

Back to business

Work? I'm on top of it. Seriously.

Thanks for your concern and kind comments. It's no fun having your lil guy under the weather. Maxy is back and ready to enjoy the sunny weather!

Having a run at the park outside our office

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another trip to Banfield

On Monday morning, I noticed that little Maxy was not feeling so well. He appeared to have an upset tummy. He seemed to get better throughout the day, but was sick throughout the night. On Tuesday morning, I look him to see Dr. Rao at Banfield Pet Hospital. Hoping it was not another case of pancreatitis, I had to leave him for blood work and monitoring.

Get me outta here!

After a series of tests, the doctors could not determine what was wrong. They put him on an IV for the day to help him regain his fluids.

Bandaged up from the IV

When I picked him up he seemed to have more energy, but still seemed a little sicky... so I got him a new bed to make him more comfortable :)

Tucked in and relaxing on the drive home

As strange as it sounds, Dr. Rao prescribed 2.5 mg of Pepcid AC for stomach acid, and Pedialyte to help restore his electrolytes. She also put Max back on the percription food.

Much to my surprise, Max enjoyed the orange-flavored Pedialyte and even ate his new food. He seems to be feeling a lot better, but still is not 100% back to normal.

Hopefully he'll be back to chasing squirrels again soon!