Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tips For Protecting Your Pet In The Chilly Weather

Don't drop the ball when the temperature drops. Use these easy tips to keep your pet warm and safe during the chilly winter months.

Don't forget to provide adequate shelter and snacks
Remember that Pets need adequate shelter from wind and rain when the temperatures drop. Older, chronically ill or debilitated Pets may have more difficulty during cold weather. While the best course of action is to leave your Pet inside during cold weather, if you must leave your Pet outdoors, increase his or her food intake. When Pets are exposed to cold weather, they require extra calories to stay warm.

Freezing temps call for a slumber party - Bring in the doggies!
Pets are safer indoors in freezing weather. Dogs need outside exercise but only for limited periods – be attentive to body temperature and limit time outdoors, especially to prevent frostbite on ears and feet. If you suspect frostbite, seek veterinary attention.

An icy water bowl is no fun for anyone
Cold temperatures can freeze drinking water left outdoors. Your Pet can also damage his or her paws trying to break through icy surfaces. In freezing temperatures, you need to check the water frequently or purchase a heater for your Pet's water bowl.

Antifreeze, the attractive nuisance
Regular antifreeze (ethylene glycol) is attractive to Pets because it has a sweet taste. Even in very small quantities, the ingestion of antifreeze can be fatal. Licking antifreeze off the floor of the garage is enough to be dangerous. Check your car for coolant leaks and clean up spilled antifreeze immediately. Optimally, use antifreeze-coolant made with propylene glycol, which won't hurt Pets, wildlife or family members.

Check for chilly kitties before starting your engine
Cats may climb onto vehicle engines seeking warmth during cold weather. Severe, sometimes fatal injuries can result from being struck by a moving fan belt. Be sure to knock on or check under the hood before starting your vehicle and honk the horn to startle any Pets who may have sought shelter underneath your vehicle.

Pet-friendly de-icing is a must
The salt and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice may irritate the pads of your Pet's feet. Wipe the feet with a damp towel every time when coming in from outdoors – even if you don't see salt on the walkways. Many pet stores sells a pet-friendly de-icing product that is safe for use around Pets or young children.

Indoor Pets may need some extra monitoring too
Some Pets, such as reptiles or tropical fish may be temperature-sensitive to cold air. Pay attention to room temperatures to ensure that these Pets don't get chilled. Also, bundle up your babies if they are cold. Remember, hot air rises so your pup may get chilly. Put a sweater on him, or give him an extra blankie for those cold nights!

Max wears a sweater and scarf to keep him cozy on chilly days!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vote 4 Max!

Hi everydog! Max has been entered in the Bissell MVP Dog Contest and we need your help!

Please click on Max's picture below and cast your vote!

The top winner will have the pleasure of making a $10,000 donation to the pet charity of his choice! Max would be making the donation to the NARF, a local pet rescue group that is headed by his aunt =)

So please vote for Max and spread the word! Every vote counts!!!

If you would like to forward the link, it is:

Thanks for your support!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Max is Fit to be "Tied": Custom Ties

For Max's 3rd birthday, his pal, TJ, sent a rad gift... ties! TJ's mom owns a company called TJM Designs, which makes an assortment of amazing dog clothes. She made these beautiful ties just for Max!

Max, checking out his new ties!

She made him a tie with cats on it...

Max, at work

And one in a batik or tye-dye design...

Sporting the tye-dye

And one with an artistic design!!!

Chillin' at home

Be sure to check out TJM Designs and surprise your friend with a custom tie!

We certainly give these ties 2 paws up!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Max, The Karate Dog: Howl-I-Ween Costume

This year, I decided I would roll up my sleeves and make a cute little Howl-I-Ween costume for Max. I had no idea what Max would be, so I went to the local thrift shop to browse for ideas. I came across a white pair of scrubs and a black fabric belt. Three dollars later, I was on my way home to start my craft project.

Karate Dog!

I measured down Max's back, then I cut the bottom of the pants. Then I cut the pant leg open, along the seam. I measured from arm to arm, over Max's back. I then measured the cloth and make little slits for Max's arms.

Now I have a little white jacket for Max, which is fully customizable. I decided to make him into a little Karate Dog. So I printed a Chinese War sign (which is used on many Karate gees) from the web. I traced the sign on the back center of the coat with a black fine point sharpie and filled it in with a thick sharpie.

Then I measured around Max's belly and cut the black belt. I tied the black belt around his belly and slid the knot to the front.

Wah-La... Karate Dog!

Max says, "Hiiii-ya!"