Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Max for Bbeauty Designs

Max recently had a photo shoot with Bbeauty Designs, a designer located in Morgan Hill, California. Bbeauty Designs specializes in handcrafted, made-to-order pet clothes, hats, bandannas and beds.

The shoot took place at the design studio and was a lot of fun. They had plenty of treats for Max, so he was super attentive, though not use to the heat of all the studio lights.

In Max's shoot, he wore a plaid jacket with a fur collar, a fancy black sweater, a reversible bandanna, an eight panel cap, and a scarf.

We were surprised we could get Max to wear this hat. He doesn't so happy in this photo, but he wore it nonetheless... at least for a few seconds ;)

Max was such a trooper and was great during the shoot, but was definitely ready to get home and take a nap!


mdbnet said...

Hi Ashley,

That little black sweater with the grey trim looks great on Max. The perfect outfit for late autumn walkies.

- David

Peter said...

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alen mcmilan said...

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Wow.. This is cute... Animals encourage laughter. We find much humor in playing with our animals, in watching them, in humor that uses animals because it's very nonjudgmental.

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Adrianne Molin said...

Hi! I can say nothing but to complement your dog! You have a cute pup huh, especially the outfits! It really suits your pet.

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