Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cetacea Step-In Harness Review

This step-in dog harness, found at some Petco stores and at Cetacea's online store, is one of the most amazing dog products I have ever come across. I learned about Cetacea and their plethora of dog supplies when I answered an ad for a dog model. After Max modeled we were given the products to try.

The Cetacea step-in harness is so easy to use. Your dog just steps in it and then it fastens on the back. It is a real time saver because you don't have to hassle with trying to stick their head through and then fumble with the fastening device. It is so quick and easy that Max knows to just step right in, and then step out the door.

Not only is it easy to use, but it is made in a way that is comfy for your little guy. All of the seams face out, and not against the dog. Imagine how uncomfortable that would be to have the thick seams constantly rubbing against you. It is easy to adjust sizes, then locks into position.

Additionally, it has a double safety feature. Not only does it fasten, but it has two brass D-rings that connect over the fastening latch in the event that it would ever come unfastened. It is beautifully crafted and you can definitely tell that a lot of thought went into this construction of this harness in order to meet the highest safety and comfort standards.

This harness is a steal at only $12.99. Max wears an XS, but as you will see at the website, they range from ferret and teacup sizes, all the way to Labrador sizes. They have 18 colors in stock and generally ship the same day. Check them out online. You won't be disappointed!

Max gives this harness 2 PAWS UP!


David said...

Max is so cute! Is that the ocean in the background?

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