Monday, November 12, 2007

Cetacea Drag-Free Jog Leash Review

This week I have chosen the Cetacea Drag-Free Leash to review. After getting my fingers tangled in the retractable leashes or dropping them because of the small handle, I moved on the the Cetacea Drag-Free Leash.

Max loves to pose!

This leash is about 3 feet in length and has a large opening for your hand. It is made of material similar to a phone cord, which allows the leash to expand to up to 8 feet in length. This is perfect for jogging because rarely do Max and I stay on the same step. It is called a Drag-Free leash because the coil design allows for it to pick up slack when your dog is closer to you, without dragging on the ground.

Great for outdoor dining

We have used this leash for several months now and there are no signs of wear. The cord is still very well in tact and has not once tangled and the material webbing housing the cord looks just like new.

It is also handy because you can loop your key ring through the hand strap when you are out for a walk. The leash itself can also be looped around the back support of your car seat to secure your dog while you are driving.

Great for securing Max in the car

I always get compliments on this leash when Max and I are out for a walk or shopping. It is a beautiful design, with brass fixtures and colorful fabric.

This leash comes in 18 different colors and costs only $19.99. It can be purchased at Cetacea's online store. I definitely recommend this over any other leash we have used. It gives Max the independence of movement, looks great, and is very durable.

We have it in two colors and just may get another!

Max gives this leash 2 PAWS UP!


serendipity said...

That looks neat! Have not seen it before. Max looks so cute as usual :-)

Simba said...

Can you bungee jump with it?

Simba xx

Ferndoggle said...

I have one of those leashes, but am not sure it's the same brand. It can either be used as a standard leash or a hands free waist leash (great for hiking). Ours is 6 ft & extends to 10 ft.

Thanks for bring attention to such a great product!



that's a nice leash, but l have too many dun think mommy is going to get another one.

Alex said...

Nice leash! It looks like you really love posing, you're great model! (Make sure you get paid enough treats for posing so perfectly! ;o)

Anonymous said...

WOW what an awesome idea!


umekotyan said...

It is a lovely lead.
It looks like the telephone cord.

from loved ume tyan

Frasier said...

Frasier is horrible when we start running but he calms down after the first few steps!!
We are laughing so hard at Simbas question!!!

Ashley said...

Hey Simba... it is made out of actual Bungee cord, so I guess it is possible. You must be an extreme sports kind of dog ;)

*Note: Do not try this at home... hehe

Goofy said...

hey, that's a great one.. should have ask mom to get me one..

Pacco de Mongrel said...

thx 4 introducing us to this brilliant product...

Asta said...

What a clevew idea, you look so cute modeling it..i love the pictoowe of you in the caw too..I pull weally hawd, so I'm not suwe it would wowk fow me, but i'll go look at it!
smoochie kisses

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